Friday, September 28, 2007

Memorable Friday

Howdy all - I am writing to y'all from a charter flight home from Mobile, Alabama.

My in-laws and I were fortunate enough to go to Mayer "Bubba" Mitchell's funeral and memorial service.

Most if not all of you will ask, who is Bubba Mitchell and why were we there?

First off, he was the father of Melinda and Steve Wertheim, who are very close family friends.

But he will be remembered by many of us as a mentor in the AIPAC and political arena. He was a very soft spoken, but serious man. He was very generous with me and introduced me to many politicians.

Do a google search on him and you will find out that he, his wife and brother donated 36 million to University of South Alabama, as well as his AIPAC work, but I want you to read his obituary on

His accomplishments are too many to list and too wonderful to compliment in a short blogpost.

But the one thing I wanted to share is that 38 years ago, at 36 years old he had stage 4 Hodgkins cancer. His doctors told him he had six months and to get his affairs in order. They told him of a doctor in Rochester that might be able to help him. So he went.

On his way there, he told his wife, Arlene, if he gets through this, they will help folks who couldn't afford to go to Rochester for cancer treatment. So they started the Mitchell Cancer Center in Mobile.

He lived life to its fullest, but he talked the talk and he walked the walk. He was an American hero and he is an inspiration to me for the work I do for AIPAC and Israel.

So for those of you I email and bother for money for this and time for that, I won't stop and I won't apologize. I will continue to do so, for now I do it for not only myself and my family - I carry the torch of one of the greats that came before me.

I ask y'all to do the same - no matter what the cause, get to it. Because from now on, Bubba is watching from above in a front row seat.

Have a great weekend. Shabbot Shalom.

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