Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Amazing Story from Blacksburg

In times of crisis, come incredible stories of bravery. Here's one that just blows me away from a man who was a Holocaust survivor named Liviu Librescu.

He had been through hell and back - from the story on FoxNews.com

"When Romania joined forces with Nazi Germany in World War II, he was first interned in a labor camp in Transnistria and then deported along with his family and thousands of other Jews to a central ghetto in the city of Focsani, his son said. According to a report compiled by the Romanian government in 2004, between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews were killed by Romania's Nazi-allied regime during the war."

And this man, who became a professor, blocked the door so his students could get out of the classroom. He gave his life to protect other. Just an amazing story to me ... to live through what he did and then to die the way he did... just wrong.

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