Friday, April 20, 2007

Mississippi still reeling from Katrina

Morning all - I am in a cab on Hwy 90 heading from Biloxi to Gulfport, Mississippi. Here for a business meeting and to gamble and play some golf with friends.

I have been soapboxing with my Va. Tech stuff - and I have another soapbox moment coming on what I am seeing here.

Tons of places haven't been touched since the storm. While some might say I am on the coast and rich people live on the coast - the heck with them, I say shame on us Americans. We are sooooo caught up with New Orleans that we don't look here in Mississippi.

It's just sad to me to see this and know that all this time has gone by and what has been done. I know Iraq is a huge mess for the current Bush administration - but the overall Katrina cluster has to be a close second.

I didn't see the Gonzales hearings, but I saw snipets of him saying, "I don't recall." Three words this administration uses well and often.

Not sure if anyone is watching or cares about the Supreme Court - but they just made a huge decision in abortion rights and not in a good way. Ladies - I hope and pray for your sake that no other Justices die during the current administration. For if they do, you can kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye.


Julie said...

Bill went to Waveland, MS in Jan with our church to help rebuild for a few days. He said the devastation is still so raw and unbelievable. So much needs to be done still.

Anonymous said...

Roe v Wade how sad.
In the sixties and seventies we fought so hard for womens rights and abortion.
As a man please tell me why the government has a right to tell women how to take of their bodies or not.