Sunday, April 08, 2007

My hallergy to the fans....

For those who missed the Islanders shootout win for the last playoff spot Sunday, what were you watching? Some dumb golf tournament from Disgusta, GA - c'mon man, what fun would that be?

Actually, best to watch on a big screen and split screen it like I did Sunday in the basement.

But there's a huge issue for a lot of folks (including me) in Atlanta. The Thrashers made the playoffs for the first time ever and they start on Thursday night versus the New York Rangers.

C'mon - seriously. Couldn't the Thrashers win a few rounds before facing my childhood team? I know that I am not the only transplant in town that feels the way I do. I lived long enough and was at the Rangers Stanley Cup victory in 1994. It would be cool to see one in the South as well.

From the karma standpoint - Rick Comley and Michigan State won the NCAA hockey title Saturday night over BC. Could Thrashers General Manager Don Waddell played for Comley at Northern Michigan - maybe there's some mojo Rick can pass on to Don and the boys in Atlanta.

That being said - it's going to be a fun time in Hotlanta, but I would kill to go see Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh. What a great series that should be.

Very excited about the Soprano's and Entourage back on ... will comment on it Monday....

Happy Easter!

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