Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie wow

Where to begin on this horrific day after tragedy on the Virginia Tech campus?

It's just makes no sense in a place that is just serene. Blacksburg is a true college town and I have many friends that have gone there. Just a day when as a parent, you kiss your kids, and are thankful they are ok. Yet, if you have kids in college or going next year ... You are shaken today thinking that this could be your child's campus.

I was speaking with a colleague yesterday and this incident shows how the digital world now dominates the news. CNN was running a students video from his personal camera. I haven't check yet - but there will be YouTube video for sure today. Google will have searches galore about Va. Tech and blogs will be loaded with info about it. Take 10 minutes today and check it out.

Wathed Geraldo on Fox News - he is just a buffoon these days. So sick of his act and Fox talks about no spin .... If that's the case someone tell Geraldo, please.

Just sent this to my colleagues and posted to the GCI Blog (only internal for now):

As one that used to work in a newsroom, the old saying that, “Bad news is good news for us” makes me a bit ill, but it’s true.

Problem these days in the 5-second news cycle is that newsrooms aren’t the only places to get information these days. If you go to YouTube and search Virginia Tech Shootings there are a few videos already up and more to follow.

Technorati says that there are over 15,000 blog posts from the incident and there are 444 tags out there on it including videos and photos.

If you have turned on your TV for five seconds in the last day, you couldn’t have missed it … never mind the fact that every famous news person from around the globe made it to tiny Blacksburg ASAP.

Make time to surf the web for 15 minutes and check out what’s going on … Facebook and MySpace I am sure are going to be lit up with this topic over the next few weeks as well.

And when you get home, I know it’s rare to take a second to be thankful for what we have, but stop and think about it. I was numb to all of it in my newsroom days, but these days I say often, “But for the grace of God go I.”

Here’s wishing for no more days like yesterday and that a wonderful college town gets back to where it was.


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