Friday, April 06, 2007

It's good vs. evil for the college hockey crown

Good Friday to ya ... to some in East Lansing and Chestnut Hill, it's a Great Friday.

Michigan State and Boston College won their semifinal match-ups and are going to battle it out on Saturday night for the Division I championship. FYI - if you haven't read about it, go to Inside College Hockey. It is by far the best college hockey site on the web - bar none.

As most of you knew, I spent some time in both cities. I have deep ties to the folks in East Lansing. One of the best times in my life was spent working for the Lansing State Journal. Every time I go back to visit, I get to see old friends and it's just a wonderful trip down memory lane.

The people and friends I made there are some of the best people I have been lucky to spend time with and MSU Athletic Director Ron Mason has been a great friend. He and his family always have been kind to me. Then there's assistant coach Tom Newton. We have a special bond that I can't go deep into, but he and his family were very kind to me. Funny part is that coach Rick Comley used to coach my old boss, Don Waddell. Maybe there's a link between the Spartans and Thrashers winning in the same year? Stay tuned.

I will always cherish my time "On the Banks of the Red Cedar..." It was an incredible place to live with incredible people. I am a true Spartan fan forever because of my time there.

Before I lived in EL, I lived in Boston. As a kid from the other side of the tracks (Northeastern) I have never liked BC. They have always acted superior and obnoxious. Now, I have liked some people from BC - but every time I hear the fight song ... I get sicker and sicker. Bad nightmares from losses of the past.

So with that being said I am hoping that the Spartans can kick the you-know-what out of the Eagles. For those in the South, they are the Florida of the Northeast. The fans are about the same type of attitude and when they win - totally insufferable.


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