Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr. April continues his hot start

Alex Rodriguez hit two more homers last night, but the Yanks lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for their fourth straight loss. There is NO way this team will make it to October. Even if Roger Clemens comes back, they don't have enough pitching to get them in the mix. But it's amazing what a contract year does to people, no? ARod is a very good ballplayer, but this is the best start he has ever had ... coincidence? I doubt it.

Great 7th game in Vancouver last night - shame refs got to involved in the third period, but still a great hockey game. Congrats Canucks - enjoy your trip to Anaheim. Unless Roberto Luongo can score as well as stop the pucks, the Ducks should take this series in 5. Also like Buffalo over the Rangers in 6, Devils over the Senators in 7 and San Jose to knock off Detroit in 6.

Is anyone watching the NBA playoffs? If you are one of those people, answer me this, how do you stay awake?

Mark Prior about to have shoulder surgery. If the Cubs didn't have bad luck, they would have no luck at all. Oh well, at least ARod will look good in the Cubbie uniform next season ... after Mark Cuban buys the team. Something to look forward to.

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