Thursday, April 19, 2007

The day after ...

Now that the sweep of the Thrashers is done ... let's take a second and look back at a good season. They won a division when they weren't the best team. Don Waddell did almost everything he can - he made a major mistake in not bringing back Marc Savard at center and it showed during the playoffs. Heck the Thrashers should have declined the power-plays they got.

Don't expect any changes in the organization - the Atlanta Spirit, the most dysfunctional ownership group EVER, hasn't fired Billy Knight and Mike Woodson of the Atlanta Hawks. So, how can you fire guys that gave you a division title?

The funny part is with this ownership group, nothing would surprise me anymore. Right after the trade deadline, when Waddell made some moves, one of the owners was giddy as a school girl in the elevator taking credit for the deals. This owner who is from Atlanta originally is the most embarrassing owner in sports history period. I have met many owners, and this gentleman is just a buffoon.

Anyway - season over - time to figure out what will be done with the lineup for next year. In my mind, as long as Andy Sutton is not re-signed, we can all sleep better.

And more importantly, I can watch GOOD playoff hockey from now on... and even more important I can say those three words again.... "LET'S GO RANGERS!!" (Ranzman - that's for you baby!!!).

San Jose took a 3-1 lead on Nashville - but it ain't over yet...

New Jersey came back to win in OT last night - Tampa is a goalie away from winning the cup again. Where did Nic Khabibulin go? Think he was last seen in Chicago ... but not in the playoffs.

Three series can end tonight ... hope the Pens can pull one out, but don't bet on it ...

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