Thursday, April 26, 2007

A moment for my client....

It's not often I speak about work in this space, but I have to tell y'all how much I love working with the folks at Red Lobster. Been going to Orlando a lot and let me tell ya why...

I am working with the top chefs there to build a chefs blog and I am going back down on Monday night to video cast the two of them. They will cover all kinds of topics and they will be great at it. For those who haven't heard the names Michael LaDuke and Darryl Mickler before - get ready, they are going to be big on the web and beyond!

It's been a ton of fun getting to know the boys as well as Wendy Spirduso, Sally Setta and Bob McAdam. You are very lucky in life if you get to do something you like as well as work with good people. There's no doubt I am doing both with this group. Wendy always asks if the other brands are having as much fun as we are ... I doubt anyone can be as productive and have the fun we are having working on the brand.

And, if you can all sign up to be part of Red Lobster's Overboard Club - you will get a sneak peek at the videos before everyone else. Go to and sign up!

Plus, when was the last time you ate there? You need to go see the Fresh Fish menu - you will be pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

Also - have you been to Season's 52? If you have one in your area - it is a must!!!!

OK - enough plugs ... Ducks and Sabres looked great last night. Of course, no shock in either game. Sabres series should be a tougher one - not sure how much the Canucks have in the tank after going seven in round one.

For those of you watching the Ducks game, check out my boy Billy Jaffe looking sharp on Versus. His Isles got bounced, but the Meee-Chhhigan alum still getting it done on national tv. That is for those who know where and what Versus is. BTW - did I mention that Gary Bettman did a great job on getting that TV deal done? Way to go - now is it time for you to go, please????

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