Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus or no Imus?

So - we have all had a few days to digest what Don Imus did. There's no question he was wrong in what he did, but my question is why now?

Why have people woken up and listened to what he has said THIS TIME and now want him fired over it? Has he not gone this far before? When I grew up he was the legend on New York talk radio on WNBC-AM. But he was crazy then and he is crazy now. He pushed the boundaries on a daily basis and this time I think he went over the line, no doubt.

My problem is the firestorm is being started by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - two men who have made mistakes and have been given second chances. Why can't they give Imus the same courtesy? Heck, I can't believe Imus went on Sharpton's radio show ... talk about the blind leading the blind. Both men are nuts.

I feel bad for the women's basketball team because they didn't ask for this spotlight. They had a great year and were celebrating it when this happened. The great thing for them is the C. Vivian Stringer will make this a life lesson for these women and they will be that much stronger for it.

As for Imus, he's lost some sponsors quickly because of the firestorm. He's got two weeks off starting on Monday and he's meeting with the Rutgers women this week. Not sure if he's a goner or not, but it's probably about 50-50 right now in my mind, but that can swing if the sponsors pull the plug.

Maybe after all these years, it's time for Imus to ride off to his New Mexico ranch. He's made enough money and he's said his peace time and time again. And if he wants, I am sure his "close friend" Howard Stern can get him a gig on Sirius.

Met a gentleman by the name of Dan Greenfield today at a PRSA seminar about Social Media. He's a VP of Corporate Communications at Earthlink. When I read his blog for the first time this afternoon, he talks about Imus on his blog as well. Check it out at Bernaise Source.

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