Monday, September 17, 2007

Classic Delta

Well - it didn't take long for Delta to give me another reason to laugh at them.

Being Silver Medallion and flying over 32,000 on them this year - I get the honor of having a chance to upgrade. We are on a 767-300 with 24 first class seats. There were 3 available seats for upgrade. Guess what number on the list I was? Take a shot?


Are you done laughing yet, because I am not done.

I wasn't last on the list. It went to 93!

93 names on a list for 3 seats. Now as funny as that is, it was funnier that on the monitors it said "the upgrade list is closed."

Why? What's another 10 folks - c'mon!

Now sitting in 40B next to a guy who stinks horribly!!!

Only 5 plus hours to go.... Ugh!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you're not Platinum Medallion, you're dog meat. Oops, guess I can't say that.

How about this: the casting call for "The Longest Yard 3" is being held at the Nevada State Prison. Starring Pacman, OJ and Mike Vick. Belichick to coach.