Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally Roaring in Motown

Good morning, live from the Crown Room at Hartsfield.

Off to San Francisco, but I had to bring to your attention something I know I can't believe. The Detroit Lions are 2-0.

Huh? Did I just type that? Is it real?

For my pal Jeff Zillgitt and tons of Lions fans, it's real and it's spectacular. They have been a bad team for a long time.

Yes, they had a couple of decent years with Barry Sanders, but they should have been better. Heck they should have had great years with Sanders, but they are the Lions.

It could be a fun year if they can play with Chicago. If they can beat the Bears, maybe the Lions are the surprise team this year.

Who would have ever thunk it?

Now for the happy news of the day. The New York Football Giants are 0-2!!!! Defense is awful. Pam Oliver gave a great report yesterday from the sidelines saying that she was shocked that no one on the Giants defense was angry or emotional or anything. If this isn't the tell tale sign that a coach has lost a team, what is?

Only 14 more games until we get a new coach.... c'mon boys, stay healthy and struggle!!!

OK - off to see my pals at Delta.... should be fun from 40B.

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