Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City

Live from New York, it's Wednesday morning ...

Flew in from the coast last night and the flight was empty. Except for first class of course. I get to the airport and try to get an upgrade and there are two seats left and guess what number I am on the list??


Shocker, I know.

That being said, sat in the bulkhead upfront and had plenty of space. Got to talk to two of the flight attendants and did I learn something interesting. Many people commute to get to work, but not many people commute to NY from Hawaii and Germany. Think about that would you. These two folks commute 8 plus hours each way just to go to work. The female flight attendant, Rebecca, lives in Germany where her husband is stationed in the Army. He's actually in Iraq right now. They have twin one year old boys and she brings the boys with her to either her parents in Salt Lake City or his parents in Ohio and then goes to work.

How insane is that? So, when you think your commute sucks, think about Rebecca.

OK - get to the hotel and I am tired, so I ordered room service. Just ordered a basic hamburger and fries with two diet cokes. Figured the Omni Berkshire couldn't screw it up and they didn't it was great. Here's where it gets funny. The cost of this meal?


Are you kidding me? Call the police - I was raped. Then again, when you are paying $600 per night at a hotel, what do you expect.

It's the "Big City."

As far as I am concerned, to quote Little Feat, "you can drop me off on Peachtree, love to feel that morning sun," any and every day.

I think this officially makes me a Redneck, no?

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