Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spectacular Saturday in sports

For those of us who have attended I-AA football schools, a huge thanks to Appalachian State.

Those snobby I-A folks have laughed at us for a long, long time. They ask us why we even play at that level and all kinds of wacky questions. But I guarantee you those I-A folks from Ann Arbor will NEVER say those things again. Did you see those kids celebrating? Did you hear the radio call from the announcers? It was just incredible. Those kids earned that win. As Jeff Kamean would say, stealing my line, "Good for them!"

The two-time defending I-AA champions went into the Big House and pulled off the shocker of all shockers. Want to see the aftermath? Go to Ann Arbor Live and read on. By the way, Northeastern lost 27-0 to Northwestern. Thanks to the Big Ten Network, I got to see both of these games. Already a big fan of the network - great job guys.

Many other great college football scenes yesterday with Virginia Tech playing their first game since the tragic shootings on campus. Georgia Tech going into Notre Dame and not allowing them a touchdown. Georgia beat a good Oklahoma State team at home. Cal beat Tennessee in a great showing of offensive teams. Auburn stole a win from Kansas State in the last minutes of the game. Maybe if the Kansas State coaching staff had given the left tackle a little help in the last four minutes of the game, they might have won.

Of course on the first college football Saturday, the biggest story still may be a baseball story. In only his second start ever, Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter. Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux have never done it and this kid in his second chance ever did it in Fenway Park. The night before we almost had a perfect game in Minnesota, but Scott Baker lost it and the no-no in the 9th inning.

Tiger and Phil are going at it in Boston in the PGA Tour playoffs. And pro football is a week away.

It's the most wonderful time ... of the year!

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