Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tide rolling thanks to Saban

Say what you want about Nick Saban - it's all been said before. Every time he leaves some place, he leave is better than before. Well, at least on the college level. Ask any Dolphins fan and they still think he isn't going to be Alabama's coach. Isn't that what he told us himself?

Like him or hate him, it doesn't matter. The guy is a winner. Did you see the highlights from the Arkansas game? The Saban era in Tuscaloosa is now underway after a last second touchdown last night for the 41-38 win over 16th ranked Arkansas. Just insane.

I said that Alabama will win a BCS title in five years. Insane? Yep, but I have seen this movie before and I know the ending.

Notre Dame is 0-3 and Michigan State is 3-0. This is way too good to be true for Spartans fans. I have a feeling that MSU can be 4-0 and beat the Irish again.

And let's give a shout out to Ted Roof and Duke's football team ending the longest losing streak in Division I-A. They did it on the road at Northwestern, who beat Northeastern in their first game of the year.

It always comes full circle with me, doesn't it?

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