Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Bad to Good

Morning – I am taking a moment of your time to step-up on my soapbox. I try not to do it often, but please indulge me.

Today is the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11. It is a day that means many things to many people, but it’s one of the more personal and toughest days of the year for me.

I lost four people I knew that day – one really good friend in Mark Bavis. Mark was a scout for the Los Angeles Kings hockey club and was on his way to training camp on United 175 with another scout (and friend) Ace Bailey. A foundation was started in Mark’s name – not asking for donations – just read and learn more about him as he meant a lot to me and many other folks. http://www.markbavisleadershipfoundation.org/

The one thing I will ask from all of you is that you take a look at doing something good. Check out http://mygooddeed.org/ and sign up to do something good. Pass it along to friends and family.

I promise not to follow up to make sure you are doing whatever you put down, but doing something good every year on this date will go a long way in changing the way we look at Sept. 11.

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