Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vick Town Hall is an absolute joke

ESPN is having a Michael Vick Town Hall session from Atlanta on Sept. 25th. On their page, ESPN says the Town Hall, "will focus on how Vick's situation has divided Atlanta -- in some cases along racial lines -- whether he was treated fairly, if his apology was sincere, and his chances of returning to the NFL."

Are they kidding? Now ESPN wants to play out the "race" card on this?

I am sick of hearing about how this is a black/white issue. Was it that when Vick lied to Roger Goodell about all of it? Was it that when Vick was giving the finger to his hometown fans? Was it that when Vick played football?

STOP - please just stop. The issue is that he pissed of the wrong people in the PETA world with all of this. He is their dream poster child and they will love him forever for this. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to suffer with this crap of race.

Living in the South, I totally understand that their are still issues with race and it makes me ill.
This is not one of those times and this isn't one of those issues.

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