Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What else will it take???

As if I needed another reason to totally despise Tom Coughlin?

Michael Strahan missed training camp because of how much of an ass Coughlin is. Now, Tiki Barber is putting out a new book that states he could still be in uniform if Coughlin wasn't coaching the Giants.

Tiki or Coughlin? Who would you take???? DUH!!!!!

By the way - did anyone see how Phil hung on to beat Tiger? Man if Tiger makes a putt on the back 9 at all, he wins.

Roger Federer had a scare in the first set last night, but man he just turned it on and cruised to a collision with Andy Roddick. He should handle Roddick without issues.

FYI - Jeremy Roenick signed with the San Jose Sharks to get his 500th goal. Problem is that his selfishness is the last thing the Sharks need. Ah well, one less team in the west to worry about winning the cup.

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