Monday, September 24, 2007

Confessing My Sins

Well, after another Yom Kippur and another fast, I should have been done confessing my sins.
Problem is that I have one more that I must share.

I can't root for the Giants to go 0-16. I tried, I really did. But I want them to go 5-11.

Why do you ask do I say 5-11? Where can a knucklehead like me come up with a number like that?

Easy - I want to beat the Redskins, Cowboys and Eagles every time we play them. Can't help it - I really dislike these teams. It wasn't clear until I was watching yesterday. I was laughing and having fun, but I will tell you that I couldn't stop myself from yelling and cheering in the second half.

So, with that said, I hope our coach loses his job with a 5-11 season. He should ... but I know better.

Did anyone see the Eagles uniforms yesterday? Could have been the ugliest things I have ever seen. They were right up there with the Vancouver Canucks old black and yellow V's. But they score 56 points in them, so they might want to try 'em again.

Hey Lovie Smith, I love your loyalty, but it's time for Brian Griese over Rex Grossman. Heck, if Bob Griese can still play it would be time for him as well over Rex.

Great weekend watching Abbie play soccer in her first game on Sunday with her team the Racers. It was just funny watching the girls all in one pack chasing the ball. The team and Abbie did awesome.

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Julie said...

Stupid Redskins - blowing a lead. And I didn't see the Eagles uniforms but Bill agrees they were awful looking. (putting on my Giants pin - haha)