Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Giant issues for Big Blue

Most year's, I would be upset ... this year it's just ironic and sort of funny.

Three of the best Giants players injured. The team is downplaying all of it, but we know better.

Check out the story in the Daily News.

One loss down and 15 to go until Tom MUST GO!!!! C'mon boys, you can do this. Especially if you have Jared Lorenzen as your offensive leader.....

Hey Jets fans - so let me get this right ... if NOT for the guy taking pictures and spying on you, you would have beaten the Patriots?

I know if the allegations are true, they are serious and just flat out wrong ... but BE SERIOUS!!!

There was no way, no how the Jets were winning that game. Best was the fans heckling Tom Brady after the game while he was being interviewed on television and Brady saying, "This is why I love New York. I just lit them up and they are chanting Brady sucks."

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