Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When will it end?

OK, so last night ESPN ran an absurd Town Hall meeting about Michael Vick. It was held in Atlanta and they had a panel of writers and radio folks and it was great. Most of the audience were Vick supporters and they played the race card well.

Problem is I don't care. Vick is a clown. They are all worried about whether or not he will play again in the league. People should worry more about him surviving prison first. Once he pays his debt to society (or animals in this case), let him play. Who cares?

So when the report came out today that Vick tested positive for marijuana, was anyone shocked? Was race a reason in his marijuana use as well?

The guy just doesn't get it, period. He could be white, black, green or yellow - he just isn't very smart.

Then again, now that he found religion, maybe the man upstairs told him to smoke.

I just don't care... go away, please Michael.

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