Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back in Jerusalem

Great day again ... I know you are shocked. Went to a pre-army academy that was just awesome and then we went to Ariel. Met with Ron Nachman the Mayor of Ariel and the founder of the settlement.

Some of the pictures you will see are how close we are to Ramallah from the Gush Emunim settlement. Just wild - not at all like you see on that Crappy News Network based in Atlanta.

Have a bunch of pictures from today online at Photoworks. There are photos from me and Seth Cohen - downloading as many as I can to share with y'all.

That's it for now - have more later but off to another group meeting and then dinner with family friends in town.

By the way Mr. and Mrs. Witt - Marci and Seth are doing well and eating properly.

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