Monday, July 30, 2007

Late night host Snyder memories

Most of you know that I am a former journalist and although it isn't my profession now, it's my passion and love. It's something that is just in your blood and you can't escape.

With that being said, from time-to-time I will digress to talk about people who I think have changed media in a way that needs to be recognized.

One such person passed away yesterday, Tom Snyder. He was a late night television legend. Some of you who remember Dan Akroyd as a Saturday Night Live cast member and not as a Blues Brother, might remember when he parodied him.

Snyder was a good interviewer who didn't take himself too seriously. He interviewed many famous folks, but most remember his Charles Manson interview and his Kiss interview where Ace Frehley was drunk.

I am sure tonight on NBC Nightly News there will be a retrospective on his life and career. Be good to watch and see what they choose to show of his career.

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