Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi-Ho Jonny the Frog here... or is it Fozzie Barkan?

Wow - now that ain't grandma's blog... it looks different from the last time I looked.

The Barkan Dawg has gone through a bit of a redesign and the more I thought about it, Kermit and Fozzie are the perfect header to my page. Kermit always covers the news and Fozzie always makes fun of it. If that doesn't fit me, don't know what does.

Let me know whatcha think of the look? Green has always been my favorite color - so it fits my blog well. By the way, if you ever want help with design, make sure to click on Karen's link on the left side of the nav bar below - Swank has been awesome. Thanks Karen!

I am trying to grow readership and expand our horizons - so please pass along the new look and blog to your friends. I'm always appreciative of your following and would love to have more of an interaction with comments or things you'd like me to write about. With everything going on in the sports world plus the political spectrum, I should be busy for the next ten years.

So come on gang let's have some fun and make some noise. Look forward to more interaction with y'all.


Gil Wolchock said...

I like the muppets up top, is that you fozzie?

Not so crazy about the 'pea green' but I get the concept.

When are you buying me lunch?

Anonymous said...

Love the change and the header is so apropriate for anyone who knows you.I guess putting you in front of the T.V Nov of '69 had an impact on your life.

Judie B

Anonymous said...

Seek employment

JB said...

don't you love it when people don't put their names on their comments.... bunch of chuckleheads :-)

Gilly - when you want lunch?

Michael Shafron said...

Hey John. Great idea, eh? I have been thinking about starting a blog so I can keep in touch with family in Canada.

I'll give you a call soon. Maybe we can do lunch. Notice I have signed my name, unlike others who want to get lunch!

Gil Wolchock said...

I think he meant the anonymous that did NOT have a signature...

I don't think I need to sign when it says 'gil wolchock' said...

Canadiens...hmmm...to much French in the blood...

(Editor's note - this was all tongue in cheek)


Alex Rogow said...

Just got caught up on the past month. Your stories of Israel were inspiring and hangin' with the Cup are awesome. Congrats (is that weird to say) on both.

As for the site, I like where you've taken the look and feel. It doesn't exactly match the content because there is nothing juvenile about your observations, insights, and passion for family, friend and sport.

That being said, I'd glady forward your blog to friends near and far.

We need to catch up sooner than later.

- Alex