Monday, July 30, 2007

The King of Sports Writing

When my comrades and I at USA started one of the best sites on the web, we had a big struggle in the newsroom trying to get writers to write for the web.

How many times and ways did I have to explain to people that even if the paper only gave you 10 inches of space, if you have 27 inches of a story, we can run it all on the web. Space is never an issue with us. They just didn't get it during my tenure there. It was as frustrating as can be. Nowadays, they are much better at working the web.

It wasn't until 1997 when I came to help build and run CNN/ (now known as editorially did I meet the one man that got it from day one: Peter King. Not only did he get it - but if he had it, our readers had it. From the Monday Morning Quarterback to the mailbag - Peter just understands how to use the medium like no one else.

If you don't read Peter every week and you are an NFL fan - then you don't understand the NFL. He's the best out there and you need to go check out this week's MMQB. He's got a great conversation with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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