Sunday, July 08, 2007

Border Patrol

So we just stood literally on the border of Israel and Lebanon. And it was wild.

Yes Wendy - I avoided all international incidents and am still alive and well!!!

Stood on the exact spot where the Israeli soldiers were captured. It was eerie but very cool. It's nice to be able to see these things without the filter of American media. It's embarrasing to even talk about how what they show us isn't what you see on the idiot box. Someday -maybe one of them can get it right. I seriously doubt it - because it won't sell ad space or get viewers.

Anyway - we had a great view of Lebanon and have some pictures coming tomorrow. We also will have great pics from all the other cities soon. All going to put up on web and share links with each other.

We met some soldiers and one worked in and lived in Atlanta for a bit running a kiosk in Lenox Mall. Small freakin' world.

OK - that's it for now - off to next stop. More later....

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