Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The day after in Hotlanta

How many of you have actually read the FULL indictment from the Michael Vick case?

Seriously have you read the entire indictment? If you haven't please read this now.

It is by and far one of the most vile things you will ever read, if you can even finish it.

If any of it is remotely true, Vick shouldn't worry about Roger Goodell. He might try worrying about the U.S. legal system.

How do you think new coach Bobby Petrino feels? Check out Jeff Schultz's column in the AJC. Arthur Blank didn't sign up for this when he bought the team. Wanna know how bad it really is?? Even the AJC's Terrence Moore, who supports every African-American sports star no matter what, is saying that Vick is done in Atlanta. If that isn't a tell-tale sign, I don't know what is.

My former colleague Jon Saraceno sums up most people's thoughts on Vick in his column.

It's all over talk radio, it's all over television and for Michael Vick, it looks like his time in Atlanta can be over sooner than he would like. All that said, please don't tell me it's a race issue. If Tom Brady was running this situation instead of Vick - it would still be horrific and still be huge news.

On top of which, I am sure that there's more people that have gone to these dogfights that are name brand athletes. If they ever dig deep on this, I am terrified as to what they will find.

By the way, does ANYONE care about the cheating and the disaster that the Tour de France has become? It's embarrassing what the world is coming to, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Poor Mike Vick, may have to retire early with 300-400 million. Maybe athletes should be on a deferred comp program dependent upon them a) winning and
b)having a thread of decency in their lives.
I hope he is done professional athletics if this is true

Anonymous said...

Pro sports is about profit and greed. The leagues, teams and players appear to be the ones to blame. Its about time the product value and the integrity of the games are upheld. People love college sports because of its alleged purity. The profit is just spread around the schools and the players have no choice but to tow the line in order to get their slice of the pie in the pros. Maybe we need to limit the salary and signing bonuses to be based on yearly perfomance on and off of the field. But the league, teams and players are just filling the demand of the marketplace. Its up to us as fans. If we do not buy the tickets and the merchandise nor buy the products of the sponsors and the advertisers the dollars will dry up and the market will force a change in whats presented to the public to get the public to spend its money. Shame on us for not using the control we have for it is us the FANS who are to blame for the spending not the leagues, teams, players, and advertisers who offer the product. JUST SAY NO!

-Alex Rogow said...

Couldn't disagree more with the anonymous comment. Do you really think limiting one's salary would change anything? So they make $300K instead of $3MM. They will still have more money than the average person and still find a way to misbehave or cheat.

Heck, if you read the indictment, we're not even talking about a lot of money here. The crazy thing is that Vick would even jeopardize his huge salary, bonuses, endorsements for paulty wagers on a barbaric enterprise.

This is not entirely about greed. It's certainly not about fans buying game tickets or merchandise. This is about stupid people doing bad things and getting caught.