Monday, July 23, 2007

Words you never thought you would hear from me...

OK - I hate to admit it, but I have to say something that is going to hurt me.

You ready? I'm not sure I can do this... here goes nothing.

Way to go Gary Bettman!

No, your eyes aren't seeing things and your browser is working well. I said it - the NHL commissioner is doing ONE thing right. Problem is right now, it's the ONE thing that every other commissioner in sports would kill to swap places with Gary on.

His league isn't dealing with a federal indictment that can really hurt his league. Now some may throw out the gambling mishap with Rick Tocchet, but it's no where near as crippling as the other leagues fun stories.

Let's start with baseball and Bud Selig. Hank Aaron's record is about to be passed by Barry Bonds, who is still under indictment. Matter of fact they got a six month extension on that one - congrats boys. Now can you get the info fast enough to save the Hammer's record? Out of all people, why does it have to be him? It's not often in life I root for the government, this one is an easy cheer for the U.S. and Hank.

We then move to the NFL where Roger Goodell is dealing with Michael Vick's fun. Have to say this much - Goodell is the strongest commissioner in sports by far. He stepped in and told Vick to stay away from training camp until the NFL finds out what's up. It's a paid suspension, but who cares? The money will just go to legal fees anyway. The happiest person with that decision? For sure Arthur Blank. He didn't want to have to cut Vick and then have all of his season ticket holders go postal on him and ask for their money back. Which trust me, in Atlanta, that is what would have happened if Blank cut him before due process.

And if you think we couldn't get any bigger and better than the NFL, good ol' David Stern in the NBA is hoping to wake up tomorrow to find that he is dealing with a cruel joke. Unfortunately for Stern, ex-referee Tim Donaghy's case is only going to get worse. Now Donaghy needs protection from some bad guys that want him to stay quiet...permanently! If he spills the beans on others involved in the NBA in any way, shape or form, we are looking at a scandal as big as the Black Sox in 1919. Not sure that I would bet .10 on him ever making it to witness protection, but I heard Vegas has him on the board as a 6-1 to make it to trial.

Did you read everything I just laid out for you??? How insane is all of it? Sports is supposed to be our escape. Now for these folks, they are just trying to escape jail and the repercussion of their mistakes.

Thank CBS for Big Brother 8. At least with that, you know what you get from Day 1. Stupid television to make you feel better for not being those people.

I am just thankful I am not a commissioner of a sports league. Hey, has David Beckham been indicted yet on anything?

Hey Gary Bettman - don't get used to it, but good job.

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