Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homeward Bound

Sitting at the airport in Tel Aviv. Man do these guys do security right. If Americans pulled their heads out of their you know what ... We might get it right.

By the way - I am serious about this. What good are civil liberties if you are DEAD??? I am all for profiling - NOT racial profiling - profiling for everyone. No one here questions anything for security - they know the importance of it. Why can't we as a society figure that out?? The day we do we will live a better life.

Sat by the pool this afternoon and chilled out. Weather was great - we haven't seen a cloud in the sky all week. Just beautiful. If you haven't been here - make it a priority.

Anyway - can't wait to get home. Service in Israel is pretty slow and after 11 days here - it's enough. You know it's time to leave when I cannot wait to see Delta.

OK - more later from seat 1C.

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