Monday, July 16, 2007

Consistency is why Bonds is where he is

We should be getting ready to celebrate the passing of one of the greatest numbers in sports within the next month or so. The home run record is about to fall. This should be a happy occasion that all of us at the water coolers should be celebrating and laughing about.

But for the most part, America isn't laughing. Most of us baseball fans are angry that one of the greatest records in sports is going to go into the hands of an absolute ass.

Sorry, I wish there was a better word in the English language to describe Barry Bonds, but there isn't. He is what he is. He has never made any bones about it either. He was not kind before the steroid era and he's gotten worse since he started taking whatever he told us he isn't taking.

Defenders of Bonds? Are you there? Watch the video from yesterday's game and see the two-faces of a great baseball player. He signs a ball for a fan because that's what the whole team does before the game and then after he berates a sportswriter in the locker room.

"It's an embarrassment for me to be wearing this [expletive deleted] uniform 'cause of the way I'm playing. There, that's it. Now go away," Bonds said at his locker.

Look, I understand that going hit less in a series you got swept in can bother you, but this isn't his first rodeo. He has done this crap on a regular basis and therefore deserves the public scrutiny.

Here's something to ponder. If Ken Griffey, Jr. stays healthy and is neck and neck with Bonds right now for the record, could Bonds be a bigger ass than he already is? I guarantee that 95% of the country would be cheering for Junior to break the record first.

As if that weren't enough, Bonds is going to break the record of a great man named Henry Aaron. The Hammer had death threats and all kinds of garbage that he had to go through because of racial tension in our country. He was graceful and decent throughout it all and now his record is going to fall to a cheater and an ass.

It just isn't right. Bonds may be a great baseball player, but he doesn't deserve to wear this crown and own this record. Sorry Bud Selig - but sleep well, it's on your head and your watch that all of this has gone down. When you are dead and buried we will be cursing you for turning a blind eye to the Steroid Era that put Bonds over the top. Bonds may get a standing ovation when he hits 756, but you should take a bow as well for helping him.

The saddest part of all of this is that now I have to cheer for Alex Rodriguez to catch up to Bonds. He's the only one that can catch him and if my choice is between the two, I would choose the Yankee (or whatever he will be next season) or the cheater.

Somewhere Babe Ruth is laughing and having another beer and cigar.

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