Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jack Benny, I am here...

Good morning - July 10th - and I have successfully made it to another birthday. And the chance to spend it in Israel is pretty special. For those who didn't get the Jack Benny line, I am 39. Seriously.

Last night we had our Wexner graduation ceremony. It was a great night with our new families in Cleveland and Los Angeles. The one thing that has made this experience even more special is that we have made lifelong friends in those cities as well as Atlanta. I am going to Los Angeles next week for business and I am going to see a bunch of the Wexner LA folks. Been invited to stay and have dinner at some folks homes as well as joining in a mitzvah of the birth of a child. It's just awesome to make the kinds of relationships that we have made.

Came back to the hotel last night and Howard Kohr and Howard Friedman from AIPAC are sitting in the lobby. We knew they were coming and glad to catch up with them.

It's 8:46 a.m and the Cohen's (yes Mr. and Mrs. Witt - they are still alive and well!) and we are heading to Safad for the day. It's a place of mysticsm which Seth will love and Elizabeth and I have been before and are going to see an artist we like.

Have a great guide named Danny that Seth got from UJC. Riding in a minivan and having a blast. Off tonight to Morocan restaurant called Darna - favorite place here for dinner.

That's it for now....more later.

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judie and "poppa" neil said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!(on your graduation from Wexner)
We are extremely proud of you.
With love,
Mom and Dad