Sunday, July 08, 2007

Seventh Heaven

Live from the bus ... The question of the day - brought to you by Barkan Wines of Israel - where were you 7 years ago today?

Mmmm ... I know my answer....and I better know it or Elizabeth will kill me!! I was walking down the aisle at the Temple getting hitched. Amazing how quickly time flies huh? Have to tell you this is the best anniversary trip yet. Although Napa the first year didn't suck.

Went to dinner last night at a place called Eucalipsys. Good dinner - but I wanted to rename the place the S.S. Minnow because it was a three hour tour..... And the chairs were not comfortable. Food was good and the chef was a cool guy. He kept explaining everything - which I think is why it took so long!

As I said we are on a bus heading North towards the Lebanon border. We are meeting with UN (booooo!!!) and IDF officers. We will see where the two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. We will be at Misgav Am where Mike Ginsberg lived ... Hopefully get to see his wife Chaya.

Our tour guide Ezra Korman is from Ithaca, NY originally. He went to Cornell and is friendly with Dan Berman from the ATL.

We are going to spend the night at K'far Bloom - the hometown of our Atlanta friend Tovah Cohen.

Going to be a great, great trip up North. Can't believe that we will be home in four days - trip has just flown by sooooo quickly.

OK - got the iPod on and Little Feat's "Oh Atlanta" on.... Makes me miss the girls and home.

Ezra's on the bus pa giving us background for our trip...

Till later ....

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it was seven years ago. I hope you're having a wonderful celebration today.