Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Great day again. Been having a great group discussion of folks from each city and from Israel about Jewish life. The conversation was just awesome. We will meet again after lunch and another great speaker.

Ruth Calderon spoke to us. She is the founder and head of Alma College in Israel.

Ami Ayalon is here with us and is on his phone during the introduction. Classic.

She has us reading a poem called Rabbi Love - very interesting text and we are discussing it meaning. Just like we do in our Wexner classes.

Rav Rahumi used to sit
In front of Rava in Mehoza
He used to come home (wife)
Every Yom Kippur eve
One day the shma'ata attracted him.
His home (wife) was waiting:
Now he is coming, now he is coming.
He did not come
Her mind weakened.
She dropped a tear from her eye.
He was sitting on the roof;
The roof collapsed under him,
And his soul rested.

She says the words "used to" in text means someone will die in a few lines....classic.

In Aramaic - Woman means home. If you aren't married - you are homeless to them. She then quotes REM - "it's the end of the world as we know it." All from context of poem.

She is comparing Israelis to American Jews and asking who is the house and who is the man sitting on the house.

It's a great conversation that will lead to better discussion later in our group.

Until later....

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