Tuesday, July 17, 2007

California Dreamin'

Hey - sitting in Santa Monica and the weather is great. Staying at The Shutters and it's right on the beach - just an awesome property. Highly recommend if you head out this way.

In Digital Media meetings today and tomorrow and have a great story to tell about Thursday.

For those regular readers, you know hockey is my passion outside my family and friends. You also know that my friend, David McNab, is the assistant general manager of the Anaheim Ducks. They just won Lord Stanley's Cup and each member of the team gets a day with the cup.

Amazingly - I get off the plane in LA and David is calling me. It just so happens that Nabber's day with the Cup is Thursday. As in this week when I am here!!!! He tells me that he wants me to come to his party and drink from the Cup.

Karma baby! My beautiful bride gives me the OK to take the redeye so I can go spend the day with the one thing she knows I love that isn't my family.

OK - back to meetings..... Off to Santa Monica Pier later.

Pics with me and Lord Stanley on Friday!!!

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Gil Wolchock said...

Ejoy the good part about sports my friend because when you get back I want to hear your take on the 'dog' business :)

Also, look into Senator Vitters from Louisiana, that's some good stuff there...