Monday, July 23, 2007

A picture says a thousand words....

I laughed when we saw this picture originally. Now that I look back at this picture from the AP that ran in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, I can only think about how it's partially Arthur Blank's fault.
Not the charges specifically, but he hasn't held Michael Vick responsible for any of his antics. And don't tell me he fined him or yelled at him - if this was one of his Home Depot folks, would he have let this come down this way? Probably not.
Many people say that new coach Bobby Petrino wants to just start the season with Joey Harrington as his quarterback and not deal with all the drama and craziness that will surely follow Vick until all of this is decided in a court of law.
And that still needs to happen and we shouldn't pass judgement before we know the facts. And please don't make this a race issue. If he was white and doing all this supposed stuff, he would and should be in the same boat. This is an issue of a man who had thought he was bigger than he is. Just a sad, sad thing.
Only thing sadder is that people think Harrington is the "safe" way to go.... at least until his first pass in a regular season game. He's a better pianist that he is a quarterback.

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