Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunrise on the Old City

Boker tov campers ... woke up at 4 a.m. time here in Jerusalem. Was going to take an Ambien and then decided to try it drug free. Boy did I mess that one up.

Have a breakfast meeting at 8:15 and then some things in town we are doing before free time around 3 p.m. For my wife, probably means shopping. But for me it probably means afternoon nap time.

The sun is just starting to rise on the Old City and I will take picture later from the room and post them on my Photoworks page ... stop by and see what we are seeing as we go. It's been eight years since I have been here and it feels like a lifetime ago.

There's no doubt that no matter what your religious beliefs are - you must come to Israel once in your lifetime. It's a life altering trip for sure.

Until later ... enjoy.


Paul said...

Cool, dude. Keep us posted, so to speak. What's the digital media scene there?

Gil Wolchock said...

very niiice

JB said...

Going on a day trip tomorrow and it's called "From Hi-Tech to Low Wages: Israel's new economy."

Will give you more details tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sleep tight