Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday morning

Boker tov - sitting listening to President-elect Shimon Perez. The twice former Prime Minister is addressing us on Jewish leadership.

The man looks incredible - must be in his mid-80s and is sharp as well. Great opportunity to hear from one of the greats of Israel.

He's talking about how he never thought race issues would get solved in U.S. - now Oprah and Condi are so powerful.

The Israeli economy is booming according to him. Changing to individuality and it's working. Says terrorist scary because doesn't matter if the live or die - paradise either way.

Scary. Talked about changing to hybrid cars. Global warming big issue. He spoke about not looking back but look forward and be curious about the future.

Stayed to take questions and was great.

Great speaker - great man.

More later.

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