Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back in the saddle ...

What a great way to start the day but landing at Hartsfield Airport. It was great to be home ... until we were randomly picked to have our bags searched. I have to tell you that the morons at the airport that run security have no clue. If you want to see how security is done right - go to Israel.

The woman who was checking us out FIRST was asking us all kinds of questions like where did you learn Hebrew - where are you from - why are you here ... and more. Then your checked bags go through a high tech machine to make sure they are clear of all issues. Then you check in and they ask more questions. You then go through security and get this - don't have to take your sneakers off. I am telling you - when you get through security there - you know you are in a safe place.

Unlike Atlanta where this moron of a woman asks me to open the suitcases and then asks me about everything I bought. Do you really think she knows what a havdalah set and a talit are????

To my liberal friends out there ... open your eyes and realize that you are wrong on security. PLEASE.

Once we got through and got out of there, I was happy. We got to the house and the girls were sooooo happy to see us and I know we were soooo happy to see them.

At the office for a little bit - hitting a wall right now, but I will fight to make it through the day.

More later....

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